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Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

We wish you a safe and fun holiday!!

Check out these beer pairings:  Courtesy of the Beer advocate!  (Click HERE for the full list of Thanksgiving pairings!)


Turkey, the majestic centerpiece of many Thanksgiving feasts, pairs beautifully with a wide variety of beer styles: French bières de gardes, Belgian Dubbels, Saisons, and amber lagers such as German Märzens and Dunkels.


Stuffing or dressing can be specific to region and family tradition, but almost all stuffings seem to include sage and vegetables such as onions and celery. Because of the many varieties of ingredients, many of these pairings are regionally focused. Traditional bread stuffing: Saison Oyster stuffing: dry Irish Stout Sausage stuffing: dark lager or American Strong Ale

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