Events and Music


Live Music


August 2: Boris and the Salt Licks (Folk/Americana) 3-6pm
August 4: Next Three Miles (Folk) 6-9pm
August 9: Dusty Low (Indie/Americana) 3-6pm
August 11: Bus Tapes (Indie/Americana) 6-9pm
August 16: Alex Maryol Duo (Acoustic Blues) 3-6pm
August 18: Cali Shaw (Indie/Songwriter) 6-9pm
August 23: Todd and the Fox (Indie/Americana) 3-6pm
August 25: M. Lockwood Porter w/John Calvin Abney (Americana from Portland) 6-9pm
August 30: Keith Sanchez (Rock/Latin) 3-6pm


Sept 1: Fabulous Martini Tones (Surf/Lounge) 6-9pm
Sept 6: Boris and the Salt Licks (Folk/Americana) 3-6pm
Sept 8: Next Three Miles (Folk) 6-9pm
Sept 13: Alex Maryol Duo (Acoustic Blues) 3-6pm
Sept 15: Claudio Tolousse and Friends (Blues/Soul) 6-9pm
Sept 20: Todd and the Fox (Indie/Americana) 3-6pm
Sept 22: Cali Shaw (Indie/Songwriter) 6-9pm
Sept 27: Keith Sanchez (Rock/Latin) 3-6pm